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Check-in Check-out

  • Check-in and Check-out Your Digital Office
  • Geolocation Options
  • Record Overtime Hours


  • Optimize Productivity
  • Assign Objectives
  • Record Tasks and Meetings
  • Manage Progress of Projects
  • Improve Communication Between Remote Teams
  • Reduce Downtime and Operating Expenses


  • Vouchers
  • Design, Document and Carry Out Strategies
  • Define Your Business Perspective
  • Design Your Objectives in Different Levels and Functions
  • Design Your Balanced Scorecard
  • Generate Strategic OKRs
  • Track KPIs
  • Execute the Strategy of Your Company

Payment Records

  • Check Payment Receipts
  • Check Payment History
  • Request Employment Records


  • Request Days Off
  • Registration and Administrative Monitoring

Internal Communications

  • View Corporate Communications
  • Birthday and Anniversary Notifications
  • Calendar

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JOIN2WORK came to facilitate many operational processes. Since the pandemic, it has become necessary for us to have a tool that allows us to stay connected and measure our tasks, no matter where we are, whether in the office or at home. Also, when you need staff, the tool makes it easy for you to find the necessary talent, taking full control of the process. I congratulate the creators for such a great tool.


Agustín Herrero

Operations Manager UV LATAM

Before JOIN2WORK, we had a hard time keeping track of pending tasks derived from our meetings. Our notes would always stay in the inbox. Now, in a matter of minutes and pulled from the app, our tasks and to-dos go straight to the taskbar, not only saving time, but also making sure all pending issues are addressed.


Ulises Muniz

President and CLO, Arch Staffing and Consulting

Due to the pandemic, we looked for mechanisms that would support us in meeting the needs of our collaborators. With JOIN2WORK we find the perfect tool. Very simple to use and very easy to implement. And the results for our organization have been evident. All in one place!


Natalia Chavarro

HR Generalist

We are using technological tools that are vital for business continuity and high performance. They are indispensable for telecommuting and office environments. Great leaders want to be close to their team and their results. With JOIN2WORK we are achieving our goal.


Jose Simon

Executive Director PAE

JOIN2WORK has been such an easy tool to use thanks to its easy navigation for our teams in Mexico and beyond. The platform powerfully joins all the tools we need, starting from communication to teamwork and home office records. We look forward to growing on Join2Work and can’t wait to try out new features.



Manager, PAE

It has always been up to me to take minutes... Being able to do it online, record the minutes in the same meeting and send them to all the participants in a single click seems extremely efficient to me... JOIN2WORK is not only a teleworking tool, but also our daily tool, no matter if we are in the office, at home or in remote facilities.



Human Resources Manager, Grupo CESA

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If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for managing your human resources, JOIN2WORK is the tool for you.

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  • ✓ Join2Office
  • ✓ Join2Strategy
  • ✓ Payment Records
  • ✓ Vacation Per User License
  • ✓ Internal Communication

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